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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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today? a very, very good. the first pitch, an absolute strike. a packed house an absolutely fabulous day here at camden yards. bottom of the first, markakis. wondering how healthy he is? very healthy indeed. opposite field, a two-run shot. the orioles quickly up 2-0. one year ago at the opener, he pitched very well against the detroit tigers. again, o's with a 2-0 lead. batting lceanup with a double. getting the job done. scoring one in this ground out, 3-0.
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bottom of the zero, leading 4-0. it anything else, this is an absolute spectacle. a big party for everyone. if there is a party anywhere, it is usually where rob roblin is. >> usually on opening day people are in there watching the game. look at all the people behind me. [screaming] this is one big opening day. [screaming] 5 hours before the game started, there was already a large crowd in front of pickles pub, and opening day tradition. >> this is a tradition we all grew up doing. now the world not to participate as adults, you have to take off work for it. >> i have been an orioles fan
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since i was, like, five years old following cal ripken. i come every year. >> wearing an orange scarf and ready for opening day. this is the place to be. >> i decided to come and watch the orioles take on the twins. >> awesome. just awesome. >> great weather two years in a row. let's go orioles. woo! >> all kinds of food year. if your business is selling food come opening day is great for business. >> hamburgers, hot dog, sausage, what you think he will do? >> 80 pounds of beach. >> that's a lot of food. it is the same and you sell beer. you can always count on these bands to have a few brewskis. >> cases and cases. it is constant all day.
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especially with a full moon tonight, it will be on my. >> there is nothing like opening day. >> it's the atmosphere. it is about baseball season starting up again and new beginnings. you want to see the orioles go all the way. this division will be tough, but you hope something will happen. >> over the years, i have seen all kind of weather from snow, rain, and wind. the like this weather? >> it's great. >> way to go come a towny. -- way to go, tony. >> it's my birthday. [screaming] >> that's a dangerous combination. beer and a full moon that? that will do it. breezy and chilly, but a good day for baseball. temperatures right now in the
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upper 50's and low 60. for the rest of tonight, the wind will diminish, clear skies, and it will be called tomorrow morning temperatures in the low 30's with the possibility of cross. i will check the forecast for the rest of your holiday weekend in a few minutes. >> following a developing story on a west baltimore. but you just in to the newsroom. police are on the scene of a double shooting in west baltimore that happened just before 3:30 p.m. but people have been taken in for treatment local hospitals. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you an update as soon as possible. >> the warning about an unapproved children's medicine. maryland health officials put out the alert for an over-the- counter medication. nadia has more on what you need to know. >> we got our hands on the
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medicine in question, which is not hard to do. we do not know how many children have been harmed, but enough to cause concern. you have this medicine in your house, but they say to throw it out. >> it is not safe. it should be taken off of the shells from retail perspectives and in your house. >> is manufactured in el salvador and it. -- marketed as a cold medicine. it is not approved or regulated. it is mostly found in latino stores. they say it is in effective -- and effective. >> one concern we have is that it contains an antibiotic required to be prescribed and by prescription only. it is not an over-the-counter medication. it is not safe for people that they. >> health officials were alerted about the drug which causes
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severe allergies. johns hopkins bayview in baltimore down several families were giving it to their children. they found for sale in three stores in the city and elsewhere in maryland. >> we already had a report of a child whose mother was offering this medication and the child had a severe and prolonged dollar dipped reaction. we know it is possible and it has happened. >> 11 found it at the merc promising good in my eo supermarket on north island baltimore -- mercado cinco de mayo in north baltimore. they said they were unaware it was not supposed to be sold and they will immediately taken off the shelves. >> we are working with the outreach workers to have information available in spanish
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as well as english to get the word out. what we have heard so far is that the retail locations have been very cooperative. they have been taking the product off of the shelves. >> state health officials are investigating in how this medicine ended up on u.s. shelves. if you have a child that has taken this medicine and has experienced side effect, call your physician. nadia ramdas, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the man who planned to bomb the recruiting center will be going to prison. he learned his fate this morning after pleading guilty to arming a car bomb attack in december 2010. today, he gave a bank fees statement to the judge renouncing terrorism. -- he gave a lengthy statement. >> to give preference to his strong faith in islam and indicated that this did not
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reflect his dealings about his face at the time and that it was important to renounce terrorism. >> the 25-year prison sentence as a part of a plea deal. it is one in a series of undercover sting operations conducted by u.s. law enforcement. the man who shot a lot worse in the beauty salon owner in the had will be heading to prison for the rest of his life. malcolm learned his sentence today, life plus five years for attempted murder. back in 2010, he walked into this hair salon on bellaire road come to the owner's money from her purse, a letter to the back of the business and sharper in the head four times. remarkably, that woman survived. >> taking a closer look at the
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stand your ground a lot in florida, a person allowed to use deadly force of they think they are in imminent danger. it is under immense scrutiny after the shooting death of trayvon martin. jay gray has more. >> tension over the trayvon martin case stretched all the way to ohio today. students rallying around the black cultural center after someone spray-painted the building with the words, "long live zimmerman, "referring to the man who shot and killed the unarmed teenager. he continues to maintain that martin started the confrontation. >> when you're getting your head slammed on the ground, that is providing allowing the use of
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force. they have created a task force to examine the controversial law. >> the police and prosecutors unanimously are opposed to stand your ground the way it is written. this immunity provision is not a good thing. >> garmin you testified thursday night, the issue is much more versatile. >> many of us no longer feel safe here. >> if someone does not even have to say more than, "he hit me first," that is all required. and i lost my child. >> what do we want? clucks justice. -- >> justice. >> they're preparing for the possibility that a grand jury could review evidence and testimony earlier next week. wbal-tv 11 news. >> christians are observing one
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of the holiest days of the year today, good friday, happening right now. tens and thousands are at the coliseum in rome. the pope is not actually carrying the cross, but he will give a speech at the end of the ceremony. back here in baltimore, local catholics are marking good friday with the stations of the crossed throughout downtown that started and ended at city hall. they stopped at several downtown sites, one being our daily bread. today also marks the start of the jewish holiday passover, the festival of freedom. more on that coming out. >> unbelievable scene in virginia beach. >> and f-15 jet comes crashing into a set of apartments. the latest details when a comeback. plus -- >> did you really win it?
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>> let me tell you how this story goes. >> the question everyone is asking -- did she or did she not?
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>> and navy fighter jet crashed
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in an apartment complex in virginia today igniting a major fire. amazingly, no one was killed. it happened just after noon blocks away from the atlantic ocean. at least five apartment buildings have been gutted by the crash. it happened just moments after takeoff from a nearby naval air station. >> it was an f-18b, a two-seat jet fighter. >> both pilots ejected safely and were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the injuries on the ground are also believed to be minor? officials are investigating exactly what caused the plane to crash. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> it turned out to be pretty nice day today, breezy and chile. great for baseball downtown. the high pressure in the great lakes will keep this pretty
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quiet for the next 48 hours. we have a system passed by pretty close to us down in the south of us in the carolinas. that is also aiding and polling cooler air down the coast. we will feel that tonight. this will set up a good relational cooling. pools skycam calm wind, and clear skies. ies and calmr sky wind. humidity only 29 and barometric raising at 29. i suspect the wind will be diminishing. it will likely be in the 40's in the outlying suburbs. there will be a little bit of froth on the ground as well. northwest wind at 5-ton miles per hour.
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harsher taking control again and a nice day after the cold start. we will wind up in the low 60's on saturday. we're watching this system here coming across the plains states that will arrive late on sunday. we will get for most of easter sunday dry, but possibly by sunday night a few showers from that. i think it will fall apart by the time it gets in our neighborhood. mostly sunny tomorrow. sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:41 northwest wind at 10-20 knots on the open water. the next high tide at fort mchenry is at 7:35. if you're going to sunrise services, sunrise on sunday morning is at 6:39 a.m. it will be in the 30's. the clouds will thicken up
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sunday night and we could have a few showers, but we should be dry during the day with a high temperature neared 66. all in all come a good holiday weekend forecasts. we'll see a chance for review rainshowers monday and tuesday, but we will go cooler. the overall pattern next week is four below average temperatures. the average time is 61 and we should be in the 50's for the majority of next week. >> a big debate in annapolis about a goal debating the future use of septic tanks. they consider this a big brother power grab. they say that it will curb growth and protect the day. david collins joins us from annapolis with the war. >> this has gone through so many delays and maneuvers. it has frustrated them all like it is still not ready for the
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governor's signature. limiting the future use of septic systems is how governor o'malley plans to curb these proell. they want to draw development before this can be approved. one gave it the authority to deny permits if they find the counties did not abide by the guidelines. the house amended the senate version even more demanding that the county does not adopt one of the tiers of the must say why. >> this is not about oversight. this is about control. >> i believe we can take a step back and look at this in a reasonable way. >> i heard someone say they just understood this bill. then why would you be voting for it? excuse me. excuse me? you'd have to be an elitist the book for something like this --
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an elitist. >> they consider the environmental damage a little. they say it financially handicaps farmers may have counted on subdividing land for income. >> that is just disaster is. >> it is controversial for over one year now and it has been worked out. in fact, the bill has very little opposition. >> of house republicans complained the issue is really a war on rural maryland. >> it's about control. it's about trying to tell people and the county's what they can do, where they can build. >> not all of the republicans voted against it. >> this bill works. i think it is something we can live with. cut the bill passed, but because the house amended it, it will now go back to the senate. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an important story for women coming up. false positive mammograms may not be so false after all.
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>> an alarming link between the false positive and diseases. >> the march job numbers are mixed. i'm steve in washington with the ♪
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>> the march unemployment rate was out today and looking good at 8.2%, but looking deeper there are all kinds of details in the jobs report. steve handelsman has details from washington. >> mostly bad news for the recovery and for president obama is reelection bid. >> we welcome today's news that the business has created another 120,000 jobs last month. >> 8.2% unemployment sounds better than 8.3% last month, but
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overall more americans get up looking for work and that is why the jobless rate improved. 120,000 new jobs in march as far fewer than the 200,000 back in february. good weather, early spring of sending retail sales up, retailers are hired fewer workers and confuse the economy. >> that is just not consistent with the reality of the retail sector. >> even though the warm weather is better for building, construction hiring dropped, another inexplicable downtick. there were all left -- less hiring in hospitals and clinics. >> there will still be ups and downs and we have a lot more work to do. >> how might the downturn in march hurt barack obama? >> it's not bad enough to doom his re-election chances nor is it good enough to reassure him a
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return to the white house. >> met romney said millions of americans are paying a higher price for obama economics. now the president is starting a new downward trend. from washington, steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a false alarm on your mammogram may not be so false after all. a false positive means the result suggests breast cancer, but the diseases not found with more invasive tests. researchers followed thousands of women who have received a false positive result and found that those women had a 60% increased risk for breast cancer and experts are not sure why. this may be precursors to cancer. most americans are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need
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according to a new report from the cdc. blood and urine samples revealed good levels of vitamins a, d, and folate. 30% of african-americans have a vitamin d deficiency. the report also found young mexican american and african american children are more likely to be ironed efficient. >> a rare occurrence this holiday weekend, passover and easter overlapping. >> year is the bottom line -- did you win a million or did you make up this story? >> that is what everybody wants to know. hear from mirlande
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5 in hd. but stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> questions building about the woman who claimed she bought the winning mega millions ticket at a 7-11 in baltimore county. in his conference was held earlier this week and then she refused to talk to reporters. >> and now we're hearing her story. we have more on the mega mystery. >> mirlande wilson is stressed out claiming to have won the mega millions jackpot, $105
5:30 pm
million after taxes. >> did you really win or did you make up the story? >> i did not make up the story. >> did you really win at? >> let me tell you how this does. >> she told me she one mega millions and hit the winning ticket. her co-workers say they are entitled. 15 of them pulled together and after to buy the tickets. she said she bought them at this 7-eleven a few blocks away. she sent a friend back to the 711 to buy a separate ticket for her and claims that it has the winning numbers. >> are you going to claim the ticket? >> bayh find it. >> did you lose it? you now have misplaced the ticket? >> mirlande reportedly hid the ticket in mcdonald's. [unintelligible] she said the ticket was bought
5:31 pm
at 7-11 but no one has claimed it yet. >> bottom line -- did you wind mega millions? or did you make up this story? >> we have learned someone has come forward to claim the prize from the winning ticket sold in kansas. lottery officials say the winner wants to remain anonymous but did come forward with an attorney and financial advisers. they will be taking the lump sum payment. >> baseball is in the air in downtown baltimore marking the 25th anniversary of camden yards. the orioles are taking on the twins. the orange and black are seeing some changes to the stadium this time around include a new scoreboard and a rooftop deck. they are up right now 4-0. maryland health officials are
5:32 pm
warning about an over the counter medications manufactured in all salvador and marketed as a pediatric cold medicine is neither fda-approved or regulated. maryland health officials say it is not effective. it is not known how many kids have been effected, but health officials warn it you have it in your possession to throw it away. >> police in glen burnie have release the identity of a man killed outside his home yesterday afternoon. shots were fired around 3:00. 11 news has learned 53-year-old man has been shot in the head and detectives were questioning another person found in residence at the time but they have not filed any charges at this hour and are not commenting on the relationship. the detectives are consulting with the state attorney's office. baltimore county police said two men in custody following active
5:33 pm
-- a hectic scene, and armed robbery that ended in a crash. police say these two, both from out of state, walked into this building separately. one of them had a gun while the other tied employee hands. after making off with cash and jewelry, they trashed their getaway car into a pole along mccormick road. both are being held at the baltimore county detention center on $300,000 bail. today is a holy day for millions of people. good friday for christians, passover for jews. what is rare that the two are being celebrated on the same day. tim tooten has more. >> this is how it was in the beginning, when jesus was crucified, that was the passover, too. he was in jerusalem with hundreds of thousands of people
5:34 pm
and was crucified at passover. christians believe he was raised three days later. >> the dean of the ecumenical institute at st. mary's university. >> it would be wonderful if it happened every year. >> what is the importance of having both of these holy day that the same time? >> it is important for christians and important to remind us that we are brother faiths. christians and jews have a lot in common and we owe a lot of our heritage to our jewish brothers and sisters. >> how should people of both faiths see this and embrace it? >> passover is a celebration of god's deliverance of them out of egypt and into a new found freedom and covenant relationship with god. it is to celebrate the passover in the new covenant, which is very similar. we are liberated into a new life with god, both now and forever. >> how does this help with the
5:35 pm
understanding of situations like this and theology in general? >> they come to this place to learn more about their own tradition, particularly the biblical traditions and what they have discovered is that they learn about other religions, catholics about baptists and jews and muslims. tim tooten,ry's, wbal light and tv 11 news. -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> he led a 3:00 mass. passion of the christ is also held at a number of places.
5:36 pm
>> the man who will take the place of o'brien will be on "meet the press" this sunday. also, other big names, billy gramm's daughter and a methodist preacher. easter sunday at 10:00. >> it has been drifting since last year's tsunami. >> just ahead, wait until you see what the coast guard had to take down. >> the flames started really coming down. >> a california family narrowly escapes death factory fast- moving fire. eoving fire. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> the u.s. coast guard used to
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hide powered can into sank a ghost ship. firing a 25-mm cannon at the 200-foot-long ship sending it to the bottom of the ocean floor. it was docked and waiting to be scrapped until a tsunami scripted out to sea. it became a hazard in a high traffic shipping lane. >> fire crews in massachusetts rescued a man who became trapped in a paper silo. a gunstock thursday night. he had his cell phone in his pocket and stayed on the phone with rescuers as they worked to free him. it was challenging because the final was billed almost to the top with paper. whenever they tried to rescue him, he would sink lower. he was rushed to the hospital.
5:41 pm
this is the image of a massive dust storm on the surface of mars. the energy source feeds off of surface heat. almost 12 miles up from the surface, despite the monstrous size, the density is so low that even a high velocity dust devil would have a hard time knocking over. >> that is so cool. >> tens of thousands of child safety seats are on every call list because of frightening incidents of amputation. >> what brand to look out for and what to do if you have one. >> doing your taxes, likely on your list for the next few weeks. what most americans plan to do with their refund coming in the answer may surprise you. >> plenty of sunshine today and
5:42 pm
we let you know this will stick around for the holiday weekend when we check the seven-day forecast. 61 at the airport. stay tuned. weather is next.
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>> an amazing story out of fresno california, a family lucky to be arriving -- to be alive. credited with saving their lives, their 10-year-old daughter. this was around 10:30 a.m. thursday morning in the house was completely engulfed. 10-year-old amber was already awake, smelled smoke, washed her face and went to get her grandma. >> the fire was getting ready to get all fired up. my brother belt, and my grandma
5:46 pm
picked him up. "she learned how to react quickly from firefighters visiting her school. the home is a total loss. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> 61 degrees for the high at the airport. the normal is 61. the record low was 26, 1898. pollen count actually going down a little bit from yesterday. the total pollen count come to wonder 52, still high but better than yesterday. in a little bit of a storm system passing close to was down in the carolinas. you can see the showers and thunderstorms moving off the
5:47 pm
coast there. high pressure on the great lakes and the storm is keeping in the chilly air. all we need to do is get rid of the wind and it is already dry which is a good combination for what we call radiational cooling. we made drop below freezing in some points near the pennsylvania line. you guys may drop below 32 degrees tonight. 59 in edgewood and 58 in rising sun in cecil county. clear skies, cold, and frost possible in the northern suburbs with temperatures that are around 28-31. during the day tomorrow, high- pressure in control meeting quiet weather for the start of the holiday weekend. it may be a few degrees warmer than today, up around 63. a pretty nice day for saturday.
5:48 pm
this front is coming across the midwest. that will basically follow part of the time it gets here. maybe sunday night, we could see it some widely scattered showers. not a whole lot to talk about what the weather, and that's good when we say that. northwest wind at 10-15 with sunrise at 6:41 a.m. northwest wind it 10-20 knots and the bay water temperature is now in the low to mid 50's. the next high tide is 7:35 tomorrow morning. if you're going to sunrise services on sunday, temperatures starting in the 30's making it up to 66 in the afternoon. the overall pattern is going to shift to below average. the average time is 61 and we
5:49 pm
will spend most of next week dry but the chance of some rain monday and tuesday. >> two big names announcing big changes and cuts. the first up, j.c. penney, the fourth largest department store will be laying off employees looking to streamline operations and a major reinvention of the company. 600 of them will be at the headquarters in taxes. the department store chain also announced that they will eliminate 300 more jobs and a customer call center in pittsburgh when they close it july 1st.
5:50 pm
it is a plan to cut annual costs by approximately $900 million by the end of next year. the second major announcement, ruby tuesday will be closing a string of the restaurant by the end of the year. they want to improve marketing and they will acquisition in mexican food chain. 30 locations are on the chopping block. the ceo says the company had trouble keeping up with peers that relied heavily on advertising in big promotions to draw customers. just over one week away for the deadline file taxes. here's chris clackum on what americans plan to do with their tax refund. >> credit card companies, banks, anyone to extend credit will not like with like to hear.
5:51 pm
>> 42% say they will use their tax return to pay off debt. >> the survey 2000 people on their spending and saving habits and found most would rather be financially and physically fit. >> 84% of women said they would rather have $10,000 in the bank than jennifer anniston's. >> in this economy, cash's key. adjust your withholding of you getting a withholding of $3,000 or more. >> that probably means you're paying too much out of every single paycheck. you can go to the irs website to make the adjustments to make your paycheck bigger. >> that way you can save and pay off debt throughout the year rather than waiting once per year to get a lump-sum and have added. >> with taxes topping the to do list this week, this is the time to change your withholding. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have eight you recall alerts. child seat manufacturer thompson is voluntarily recalling 40,000 these bicycle seats posing a
5:52 pm
laceration and amputation hazard. they have seen a crashed. and some cases involving stitches. you can receive a free injured cover kid. they are voluntarily recalling a leather desk chair. they have been sold in the u.s.. connecting these two come a can cause the chair to separate causing a fall hazard. office depot says they have seen minor contusions and abrasions. consumers should stop using the chair and called the recall towline -- toll lin to receive ae $55 per card. >> now's your chance to own a piece of "the hunger games" history.
5:53 pm
you know the abandoned town where much of the film was shot? it is for sale. the entire town. the asking price is reportedly $1.40 million. it substituted for district 12 in many scenes. in real life, it was a town center around a yarn mill. baseball season is officially under way. for o's fans, hard to believe but it has been 20 years since the first pitch at camden yards. a live report coming up at 6:00. >> this rabbit is taking part in the bunny bonanzoo. i'm kim deasy with the details coming up.
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5:56 pm
>> is easter weekend meaning it is time for the maryland zoo's bunny bonan-zoo. >> kids and parents blocking for the first day of the bunny bonanzoo including the easter egg hunt. >> we came out here to look for eggs. find animals. go >> the unofficial mascot is
5:57 pm
flanders. you can find a lot of activities. >> we have face painting and all kinds of things to do. >> you can attend the immelt presentations. >> you can walk around the zoo. we also have enrichment activities. we're also going have animal ambassadors out every day as well. a >> i'm going to try to find at least five of facts about animals. >> it runs from 10:00-to o'clock on saturday and sunday and is free with admission to the zoo. >> this is the great way to celebrate the beginning of spring. >> everything is so beautiful.
5:58 pm
the trees are green and everything is glowering. >> kim deasy, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is it for us at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming up. >> the labor market hits a snag. is it a short-term setback for a sign of things to come? the latest job numbers coming in. >> negotiators cancelling the public session. the details just ahead. it >> the baseball game is over, but the party is still going in a live report. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. ♪ ♪ cut the big story at 6:00 -- orioles' opening day, a sure sign that spring is here and the
5:59 pm
that baltimore's baseball hopes are renewed again. wherever there is a party or parade, there you are. >> the game has just ended and the fans are coming back. the party is resuming, if it ever ended. >> it never ended. >> opening day. what a great opening day it's been. ballake me out to the game"] ♪ >> the band was playing "take me out to the ball game." if anything brings out the crowd, it's opening day. >> it's great to get out and see everyone. nice weather. just watching baseball, everyone being excited about it and opening day. >> all of the people -- and the orioles. orioles.


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